Every asset is unique and therefore our approach is unique. Our team extensively researches each property well before taking it to market.  We carefully assess pricing and timing considerations.  A tailored marketing strategy is crafted, which reaches the national and international marketplace and crosses boundaries between product types.  We anticipate problems and prepare and provide solutions in advance.  This ensures that our clients transactions are closed on time and their goals are achieved.

A property is closed successfully when there is a well-developed match between seller and purchaser aspirations. It is not about finding any purchaser, but finding the right purchaser. To maximize each party’s expectations, the marketing strategy must reach the national and international marketplace, often crossing boundaries between product types. It must capture the imagination of purchasers and their spectrum of expectations. This is the only way to ensure that purchasers can make a clear and confident decision to proceed and meet seller’s expectations.

Our clients have vision. They know what they want. Thus, we start by carefully listening to our client’s goals, aspirations, and requirements. Only then do we move on to fully assessing their property’s attributes. By uncovering new possibilities and working around potential challenges, Shane blends the needs of the seller with the conditions of the purchaser to make sure that closing is on schedule, synchronized, and all expectations are fully achieved.