When financial institutions sell core assets (non REO), they need extreme privacy and discretion. The Seller, a local bank, could not risk its’ depositors thinking they were having problems by selling one of their core assets. They insisted the marketing be so discrete that no one in the state could know it was for sale.

  |   $4500000 +/-   |   Dunwoody, GA

The conditions imposed on us meant that many of our normal channels could not be used. So, we first composed a targeted buyer and broker list. The list was made up of buyers and brokers outside of a 500 mile ring. These contacts were culled from years of working with buyers and brokers from all over the country. We then created a masked program whereby it would not be obvious who the owners were. Last, our confidential agreements were checked and rechecked with the interested parties so, that no “accidental” leakage occurred.

We located a buyer, a wealthy family trust from Hawaii, the farthest distance from the property, physically and relationally. The buyer recognized the opportunity, and closed within forty five days.