First Annual Shane Open House Brings in Past, Present and Future Clients

Atlanta, Ga.-  Shane held their First Annual Open House in their brand new state of the art office located just north of Atlanta. The open house was a time for the advisors to meet and converse with past, present and future clients, over champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

The purpose of our open house was not only to debut our new space, but to also take time out of our hectic schedules and let our clients know that they are appreciated. At Shane, we represent sophisticated private investors, developers, and institutions on a nationwide basis. Our unique way of showing our appreciation, especially during the holidays, reflects our unique approach that has allowed us to reach and sell high quality assets. We take pride in excellence and that value is incorporated in every aspect of our business. Whether it be through the acquisition or disposition of an asset, or an open house, we always want the satisfaction of knowing that our clients are taken care of.

A special thanks to our designers, Design Continuum Inc., as well as Oakhurst Woodworking, who worked diligently on the designer’s vision to create a truly beautiful space. Our expectation of excellence becomes a reality when we arrive at work each morning.