(With Apologies to Federal Express)

What happens when one of the largest private owners has a tax loss of nearly $1 million and must close by year end? He must do two things. First, he must close. But equally important, he must obtain the highest price. Otherwise, the lower price offsets the tax losses.

MILL CREEK CROSSING   |   $8000000 +/-   |   Walmart/Lowe's Shadow Center

Trust is a critical factor in decision making, but the level of trust must be higher when both time and money are at stake.

In this case, the owner interviewed many firms, but this major owner chose Shane to make sure the job got done right, and done on time.

Some of these factors were:

Correctly highlighting the properties strengths, as well as assessing and acknowledging its challenges.
Actually knowing how to address positives and challenges with actual experience.
Knowing the “buyer profiles” that value the property’s strengths and could get comfortable with the weaknesses.
Having the ability to actually access this buyer pool in the correct way.
Having the time and being willing to spend the resources to get the property closed.
Taking immediate steps that demonstrated willingness to get this assignment moving.

We closed the transaction as we promised, and the owner achieved his goals. Since that time, we have closed multiple sales with this same client.